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Igor Ardoris is the founder of Budo Mental Training—mental training for handling difficult situations. He is a mental trainer, writer, lecturer and educational consultant. Since 2007, Igor has trained elite athletes, teachers, police officers, ambulance attendants, business leaders, etc, how to remain calm and balanced in stressful situations.

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  • I saw Igor Ardoris teaching for the first time at a congress in Beijing starting one day after the end of Olympic Games in 2008. I was fascinated by his teaching and invited him to an International Congress of Mental Techniques for Coaching in Sport, Business and Performing Arts in Heidelberg. Since then, Igor Ardoris has been invited to all three congresses I organized on this topic. More than 100 international experts among them, some of the most well-known names in the International field, are teaching at each of these congresses. At two of the three congresses, Igor Ardoris conducted the best-evaluated workshop of all speakers. At the last congress in 2017, with 1,500 participants, his two workshops were ranked No.1 and No. 4 in the feedback list!!! He teaches with heart and mind.
  • Igor is an easygoing person who inspires confidence in a serious way. It is difficult not to like him while he is also stubborn and does not give up until one has understood what he means. I have learned to lose in thought and that it is ok to make mistakes. In practice, this means that I have learned to release negative impulses after a match and to carry with me what I can change and what I have done well. In stressful situations, I can now relax while having much better focus here and now. Instead of seeing nervousness as something negative, I see it as an asset in which the adrenaline helps me to increase my performance. I have more patience with myself and give myself more time to succeed. I can highly recommend Igor for his commitment and his way of working.
  • Igor Ardoris was very concerned about having a good meeting before the assignment. He wanted to understand what we wanted to accomplish, it was nice considering that it was the first time I planned a conference to this extent. We wanted to see a continuous thread through the two days and he was very sensitive to that.
He came in good time to the conference and he listened to one of our internal lecturers who spoke before him. Igor managed to change a little of his PowerPoint presentation just before his lecture to link to what we just listened to and connect it to the internal lecturer before him. It was professional!
"Igor talked about mental training and personal responsibility but at a much more advanced level than other lecturers. The participants who worked a lot on these issues appreciated Igor's lecture extraordinarily since it gave more dimension and depth to the subject.
Igor was also amusing, singing upon entering the stage, using good body language and with a twinkle in his eye. He managed to deliver some personal keys to each and every one regarding personal responsibilities.”

– Sometimes people ask me what my work as a mental trainer is really about. My answer is always, “I help my clients learn to lose.” And I sometimes add, “Winning, they can do themselves.”