Budo Mental Training

Since 2007, I have worked professionally as a mental advisor and educational consultant. I have so far not met a single shortcoming, problem or weakness in my clients that I myself have not wrestled, or with which I am still wrestling. This personal experience enables us to meet naturally, without judgment and with an attitude of humility and compassion. This relationship of openness and trust means that you can relax and dare to be honest with me, which forms the foundation of all my work.

Physical strength is defined as the body’s ability to function under physical stress: the heavier the load we can handle, the stronger we are. In the same way, I relate to mental strength: the higher the degree of mental stress we can handle and still continue to function, the stronger we are mentally.

Both physical and mental strength can be built up through regular, long-term and systematic training. Budo Mental Training is about mental strength and how it is trained.

Budo Mental Training increases your self-awareness and your ability to handle anger, fear and nervousness. You will develop your ability to maintain focus under pressure through three basic skills: Tension Control, Breathing Control and Attention Control. Your ability to do well will increase in proportion to the reduction of your fear of losing.

Following our training together, we complete frequent check-ins to ensure that your mental training becomes an obvious and integral part of your everyday life, both on and off your specific performance arena. The principles work best when we no longer need to think about them—when they become automatic.


Igor is an easygoing person who inspires confidence in a serious way. It is difficult not to like him while he is also stubborn and does not give up until one has understood what he means.

I have learned to lose in thought and that it is ok to make mistakes. In practice, this means that I have learned to release negative impulses after a match and to carry with me what I can change and what I have done well. In stressful situations, I can now relax while having much better focus here and now. Instead of seeing nervousness as something negative, I see it as an asset in which the adrenaline helps me to increase my performance. I have more patience with myself and give myself more time to succeed.

I can highly recommend Igor for his commitment and his way of working.

Pierre Engvall, professional hockey player, Toronto Maple Leafs