Emergency Service Professionals


Most people occasionally encounter stress and discomfort in their daily lives.
Some, however, have to deal with dangerous, critical situations on a daily basis in their professional practice. These professional groups include police officers, ambulance attendants, firefighters and security personnel.

Igor guides us with a steady hand through the brain and body and teaches us what happens during stress and how we can identify signs of stress before we become their prisoner. In a concrete and clear way, we learn how we can prepare ourselves mentally for critical high-risk situations and get tools to better manage them when they arise.

Igor has direct experience in high-risk situations: He competed in elite-level martial arts since his early teens and worked as a nightclub bouncer; but, above all, through being a civilian and vulnerable young man in the middle of the Balkan civil war. These experiences have motivated him to devote most of his adult life to studying, understanding, and developing the skills to manage the human psyche under stressful and frightening circumstances.


Igor has a rare ability to educate and to convey how we as physical individuals can train ourselves to overcome stress, which otherwise easily takes over and leads us in a negative direction. In an educational setting, Igor structures his seminars to explain theoretically and then practice using practical exercises.

For the ambulance staff’s professional development, I see Igor’s concept as an important part of the systematic work for enhancing work environment from a preventive perspective. Igor Ardoris was greatly appreciated by our ambulance staff for the way he conveyed the subject of stress management

I can therefore warmly recommend Igor Ardoris in the subject of stress management for ambulance staff. My best recommendations!

Åke Centervärn, Business Manager Ambulance Healthcare in Dalarna