HEJ! :-)

Jag har inte skrivit något på flera veckor och
anledningen har varit att det helt enkelt inte har funnits tid eller möjlighet.
I skrivandets stund befinner jag mig i Nerja (södra Spanien) och är mitt uppe I
“SjälFörsvar veckan”. Jag beskriver den här veckan som en “Meditations
Bootcamp” och måste saga att deltagarna har hittils visat sig från sin bästa tappra och engagerade sida. Så far så GREAT!
För 2 veckor sedan gjorde jag ett uppdrag för
Statoil I Norge ( Stavanger) och har precis fått deras “Letter of
Recommendation”. Brevet har gjort mig så himla glad att jag utan vidare
dröjsmål lägger ut det på min blogg.
Vill bara passa på framföra ett stort tack till
Hanne Skaara Salvesen för att hon tog sig tid och energi att skriva och skicka
You have probably been to one of those motivation sessions
where some known sportsman came in and told how he managed to overcome his
hurdles in life, and became number one in his sport. You’ve had a few laughs
and let yourself impress by his self-irony and abilities to entertain. Those
sessions are fun and give you an immediate boost. But what Igor brings to the
table, goes beyond that…
had the pleasure of meeting Igor once before. You can tell straight away that
he is not a sales person. He is humble and here to listen. Knowing about his
Swedish TV-show, I admit, without even seeing it, I taught that a person that
can reach a youngster, turn him around from being a non performer to change his
ways to start performing, he can help anyone as long as he is able to adapt to
the different environments.
we invited Igor to come and work with our team on a one day seminar. We
arranged a premeeting, and Igor questioned us what we wanted from the session.
We stumbled through the meeting, gave him the company goals, gave some
information about the team and how we work, and a few bullets on what we were
looking for, such as motivation and learning.
day before the seminar, Igor called me and wanted to know if I could describe
the afternoon after the seminar if we anticipated it had been successful. I
taught he had forgotten all about the preemeeting, and made sure to remind him.
I asked him if we needed group room to allow for workshops, as we had been
discussing in the meeting. But he replied: “that’s up to the team”. And I
taught: Oh – crap. He’s not even prepared… At that point all my expectations
disappeared. He mentioned that the day would be fully up to the team, depending
on what they wanted. What a lousy excuse for not preparing himself for a 9
hours by 30 people seminar. What an arrogant guy ! I started blaming myself for
introducing this him to my workplace. I had only met him once and heard a few
good words about his work with sportsmen. Talking about career killer !
started the day asking the team what we wanted from the day. I was thinking “
how can they know, they only saw the invitation in their calendar on Just
Another MOTIVATION DAY”. Looking back, Igor probably would have approached me
with something like: how can I reach them and bring something to the table if I
don’t know what their issues are”.
seemed slow and tumbling at the start, and I was puzzled as I was looking
forward to a looong painful day – that I had initiated.……crap, crap, crap.
Igor got together a list of what the team members wanted from the day, it all
came together. We intensively listened and held small workshops (without group
rooms) for nine hours. I suppose we all would like to become the best that we
can possibly be…. Igor just happened to have a well developed talent to reach
you, and he just might have a few suggestions or tips on how to develop
yourself. At the end of the day, we were exhausted by being exposed to our
egos, but Igor looked like he could go on forever. He kept our attention with
his ernergic way of elaborating on personal issues in an understandable manner,
and by pinpointing his theory by good examples and his own experience. The
feedback from the team is without exception -extraordinary. Prepared and ready
to adapt to the audience I would say, is Igor’s trademark. He is willing to
listen, he is able to understand, and he is willing to share of his experience
to help you reach your goals.
feel lucky to have met Igor, even only as a team member. I am so grateful that he
put all my doubts to shame, and made the MOTIVATION DAY everything but a
would recommend everyone who thinks he might have the possibility or need to
improve his ways, and have the change, to expose himself to Igor. Now I
know…you won’t regret it.
a good, crappy day !!!